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Log your gear, sessions, locations, media, ... TODAY! Create your own extreme sport online pressance. List the gear you use. Add your favorite locations where you get your extreme sport thrills. Log your killer sessions, linking the gear you used and location. Post media from your sessions, gear and/or locations.

Research gear upgrades, new locations! Looking to upgrade your gear. Not sure what to get. Search this site for someone that already owns it. Read the owner's & other's feedback. View session data where the equipment was used. Check out media with the

Multiple Sports under one Roof! We purposely don't catuer to just one sport. Some athletes participate in more than one extreme sport. You have to go to different sites for each sport. Here there are a dozen or more sports all under one roof.

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Built-in reporting capability

Ever wonder how much you use a certain piece of gear? Or wonder how this years sessions numbers compare to the previous years? Now you don't have to. All you have to do is log your sessions and link the gear used and locations. Session and gear usage are automatically totalled with every session you enter. No more guessing involved!

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